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Dr. Edmond Suh and his team of dedicated professionals welcome you to our online home of Supremia Dentistry. We service patients in and around the area of Wake Forest, North Carolina. Our practice is raising the bar in dentistry and blend together some of the aspects that set us apart from other practices in the community, including the use of innovative techniques, modern technology, extensive training, and even human compassion.

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Our Philosophy - Advanced Dentistry

Our practice is founded on the pillars of excellence in advanced dentistry. We provide individualized care, because every patient is unique. With a strong focus on preventive care, we go a step beyond simply repairing dental problems. We look at why the problem occurred, and how we can ensure it does not happen again. 

Advanced Technology

We want to bring you the very best that dentistry has to offer. The driving force behind technological advancement is Dr. Suh’s desire to provide you with dental treatment that can be performed in a more efficient, effective, comfortable manner. Dentistry is a rapidly advancing field; therefore, Dr. Suh routinely invests in new technology, keeping our practice at the forefront of cutting-edge innovations to the benefit of you, our patient!

Health Technology


A computerized diagnostic tool used to help Dr. Suh in identifying and treating problems with your bite.


This laser cavity-detection system allows us to diagnose and treat cavities at the earliest stages. This means fewer visits and a more conservative treatment!


The premier tool from BioEMG for neuromuscular dentistry, this device provides a plethora of precision data regarding jaw functionality, for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment of TMJ/TMD.

Oral DNA

A non-invasive, comprehensive approach to addressing periodontal disease (gum disease). No more painful, aggressive scraping, salivary testing allows Dr. Suh to treat patients comfortably and effectively.

MICROLUX Transilluminator

Designed to assist in the diagnosis of cavities and cracks; this system reduces the amount of x-rays needed, and allows Dr. Suh to accurately treat you, the patient.

Periodontal Therapy

Dr. Suh's hygienists utilize the most advanced equipment, knowledge, and techniques to provide you with exceptional preventative dental care and effective painless periodontal therapy.

Digital x-rays

Our innovative system gives us an image instantly, which allows faster, results that are more accurate, and more comfort for our patients. Digital radiography reduces radiation by up to 80%!

CO2 Laser

We use carbon dioxide lasers for remova of the soft tissues when needed in the oral cavity.

Treatment Technology

Laser Dentistry

One of the greatest developments of the modern dental practice, lasers provide fast, effective, and often completely painless alternatives to many traditional techniques.

Digital Photography

Dr. Suh uses a high definition digital camera to assist in the diagnosis, treatment, and documentation of all of our phases and types of treatment. Digital Impressioning- Avoid messy dental impressions and multiple visits. E4D is a leader in digital impressioning and in office milling. See our Same Day Dentistry section for more information.

Digital Impressioning

Avoid messy dental impressions and multiple visits. E4D is a leader in digital impressioning and in office milling. See our Same Day Dentistry section for more information.

Myo Tronics

Myo Tronics equipment allows Dr. Suh to quickly and predictably treat TMJ issues, or use this state of the art computer to design a new bite for you.

Specialized Training

Each year Dr. Suh and his team complete hundreds of hours of specialized training to ensure you receive the most effective treatment in the most comfortable way.

Cosmetic Technology

Porcelain Technology

Metal Free Technology has allowed Dr. Suh to treat patients esthetically with their health in mind while still providing strength for many years.

Orthodontic Technology

Options like 6 Month Smiles allows Dr. Suh to treat patients in as little as a few months. Being a premier provider of Invisalign, Dr. Suh has completed cases ranging from basic simple treatments to cases that are more complex.

Whitening Technology

Many options for whitening have allowed patients with varying degrees of darkness and stain to be proud of their smiles!

Laser Contouring Technology

In the place of traditional painful methods, Dr. Suh is able to offer patients solutions to a less than perfect smile with faster healing time and little to no discomfort at all.

Comfort Technology

Sedation Therapy

With specific monitoring equipment and small pills (not IV), you can wake up with a new and healthy smile! No Pain! No Noise! Convenient, one appointment dentistry in a safe and comfortable environment!

Creature Comforts

Custom Tempur-pedic pads line every chair for your comfort. Warm hand towels, fuzzy blankets, and Quiet comfort headphones are available to all patients.

Entertainment Technology

You can catch up on you favorite shows, or listen to music while having your dental work done. I Pods and Quiet Comfort headphones are available at your request.

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