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Crowns are an outdated treatment. Dr. Edmond Suh and the team of Supremia Dentistry in the Wake Forest, North Carolina area try to avoid the use of dental crowns whenever possible. However, there are times when they are necessary, but whenever possible, he will want to achieve the same results in the most conservative manner.

At Supremia Dentistry, our professional team is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of our patients. This is why we want to achieve maximum results in the most conservative manner to achieve longevity of the restorations we place. We do not routinely place dental crowns for our patients. Instead, we focus on more conservative methods which means less drilling and less trauma to the tooth. This, in turn, means patients will have a much healthier, much stronger smile. By using some of the most advanced dental technologies, techniques, and materials, we can provide our patients with some excellent alternative to more traditional restorations used in dental practices today. Our materials are strong, and second best to natural tooth material. We provide these quality materials to ensure that patients can maintain as much healthy structure of their teeth as possible, only replacing what is missing or damaged.

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One of the modern restoration choices used in our practice for conservative repair of teeth is that of an onlay. An onlay, sometimes referred to as a partial crown, is a durable and long-lasting alternative to fillings but much more conservative in nature when compared to the placement of a dental crown. The tooth does not need to be reshaped. Instead, Dr. Edmond Suh will replace only the damaged portion of the tooth and shape the porcelain of the onlay to fit onto the tooth. This process is done in-house with computerized milling using a special machine and high quality porcelain materials. By using CEREC technology, we are able to provide a precision restoration for precision fit. Patients will enjoy these natural-looking restorations for many decades when cared for properly.

Early Treatment

It is crucial that patients address cavities at their earlier stages to prevent them from becoming larger and more invasive. The longer patients wait to take care of cavities, the more extensive the damage that occurs. Cavities that are extremely large may require patients to have their natural teeth extracted, which may require restorative services such as dentures, dental bridges, and even dental implants. Instead, we recommend that our patients take a more proactive approach with their dental care and speak with Dr. Edmond Suh regarding ways of preventing problems from occurring.

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