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Dr. Suh has always been close to his community. He routinely travels to provide missionary relief work, including trips to Haiti (a week after the earthquake) and Asia. He also traveled to Mississippi to aid in the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. Locally, he treats the internationally renowned African Children’s Choir and is involved in numerous local charities. This will be the seventh year Operation Sweet Tooth will operate (when the office collects Halloween candy and sends them to troops overseas). He currently is active in his church and enjoys golf and basketball.

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Haiti Relief Efforts

He believes in giving back to the world community, not just those in our backyard. When tragedy struck Haiti in January of 2010, he and a team of volunteers went to help. Armed with compassionate hearts and medical supplies they landed in Port au Prince and immediately began administering vital medical care to those in need.

African Children's Choir

We are proud to provide dental care for the African Children’s Choir, based in Durham, NC. This world-renowned group of talented youngsters tours the globe, sharing their incredible vocal talents.

For these gifted songbirds, oral health couldn’t be more important! Dr. Suh and his team love seeing the vibrant group, and take pride in keeping their smiles beautiful and healthy.


We sponsor a special program called Operation Sweet Tooth, designed to give little ones a chance to trade their unhealthy Halloween sugar binge for the pride of thanking our service men and women. We collect over 2000 lbs of candy! 

The children enjoy their regular festivities of fanciful costumes, and door-to-door trick-or-treating. However, instead of eating until they are ill, they bring their bounty to Operation Sweet Tooth. The candy is packaged up, and shipped to soldiers longing for a sweet taste of home.

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Supremia Dentistry has been awarded the Wake Living Reader’s Choice Awards for the 6th consecutive year.

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