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Sedation dentistry is a safe and effective way to take the stress out of dental work. It is an excellent option for high-fear patients, who otherwise might not receive dental care at all. It is also becoming increasingly popular among patients who are simply seeking a more pleasant and convenient dental experience. Sedation dentistry can offer the ability to get more treatment done in a single appointment.

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What is Dentistry Sedation?

Sedation dentistry is also called sleep dentistry, although you will not actually go to sleep. Dental sedation results in a state of relaxation, and reduced awareness. It may be used for adults in minor or major restorative or cosmetic work.

What does it involve?

We use conscious oral sedation, you will be provided with a gentle, yet effective prescription sedative. As it takes some time for the sedation to take effect, the doctor will give you instructions as to the exact time the sedative should be taken. It will be necessary for a companion to drive you to and from the office. You are relaxed, and possibly drowsy, when you arrive for the appointment. The doctor may provide additional sedative, dependent upon the circumstances. Our friendly team will make you feel at home in our comfortable office.

You can listen to music or watch movies while Dr. Suh completes your dental work. It will be over before you know it! After your appointment, the effects of sedation will gradually fade away. You will need to take the rest of the day off work, and arrange transportation home.


Dental fear is not prohibitive of excellent oral health. Neither is a busy schedule. You can enjoy quality care, with maximum convenience, and eliminate stress and discomfort. While sedated you will:

  • Have full control of your body, be able to walk, communicate, swallow, and breathe naturally
  • Be able to respond to questions or instructions
  • Feel relaxed and somehow uninvolved in the procedure
  • Time passes more quickly
  • Have reduced pain sensitivity, and greater effectiveness of local anesthetics – typically resulting in a pain-free experience
  • Experience little to no gag reflex
  • Feel comfortable, and free of anxiety, impatience, or restlessness

The unparalleled expertise of Dr. Suh and his team, combined with innovative technology, and conveniences like sedation and same day dentistry – create a different kind of dental experience. Schedule an appointment today, for comfortable, convenient, compassionate dentistry.

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