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A less commonly known treatment in oral care with Dr. Suh is that of oral-facial development or orofacial myofunctional therapy. 

This treatment’s purpose is to stimulate the biological processes of the orofacial growth, including your jaw and teeth, to encourage normal development where atypical growth was previously.


Orofacial myofunctional therapy exists to help those with incorrect or atypical facial development that inhibits breathing or normal daily functions. The therapy includes specially designed exercises that will help reduce or eliminate current muscle habits that are restricting normal growth and development.

Common conditions that require orofacial myofunctional therapy include:

  • Improper speech sound due to the incorrect placement of the tongue and lips
  • Nasal airway restrictions from an incorrect closed mouth posture, particularly at rest
  • Potential malocclusion caused by prolonged sucking habits after permanent teeth have begun forming
  • Abnormal oral resting posture, where a normal resting relationship between the parts of the mouth and jaws needs to be developed and taught, such as a lips-together resting posture
  • Oral phase dysphagia in which the individual has trouble using their mouth, tongue, and lips to control the intake of foods and liquids


Assessing atypical oral-facial development can include a wide range of factors that may require referral and examination by other professionals such as allergists, orthodontists, otolaryngologists, your physician, and other specialists.

Dr. Suh will compile a detailed case history to determine your needs, including your birth and developmental history, any oral habits you had/have, medical history, and prior care.


The treatment for your oral-facial development care will be individualized, non-invasive, and non-surgical. In a broad spectrum, your treatment will consist of exercises that will retrain your tongue and mouth’s habits and postures.

Dr. Suh’s end goal is to work with you to modify your current behaviors to improve your overall orofacial patterns. With an interdisciplinary approach, your oral condition can be improved or eliminated. 

If you have been diagnosed with a condition that may benefit from oral-facial development therapy or would like to get a professional opinion, schedule an appointment with Dr. Suh today.

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