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Supremia Dentistry is off-the-charts amazing. I went in for a routine cleaning and a consult about my TMJ/TMD. Dr. Suh and his staff were completely engaged with me, spent time answering my questions, and the overall energy in the office is very positive and warm. The conversations we had around my TMJ/TMD were extremely honest - I didn't feel "sold to" - and I was impressed with Dr. Suh's insights as he looked at my pictures. He basically told me my life story (regarding my teeth) by looking at my pictures. Because of Dr. Suh's perspective that "everything is connected" I left feeling hopeful because he digs deeper than just the "Oh, you grind your teeth, let's give you a mouth guard" to find root cause. It's apparent Dr. Suh challenges the historical standard answers and seeks deep understanding to inform his approach to dentistry. It's also apparent that he invests in his team and his practice. I highly recommend.
So first off, this is NOT your typical orthodontic treatment.  In fact, due to the nature of bone remodeling, and proper joint placement, this treatment is almost more orthopedic in nature.  
Innovative technology has brought us the ability to offer AGGA, or an Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance. This treatment is life changing for individuals who have underdeveloped palates / upper jaws.  
It’s a non-surgical way to naturally promote the growth of your palate and improve your overall dental health.
AGGA is safer than previous methods of jaw development because it doesn’t use mechanical force on teeth to develop their jaws. So how does it work?


In AGGA treatment, your body’s science works to reshape your mouth with the help of an orthodontic appliance and some expert treatment and care.
The growth starts when an orthodontic plate is placed on the upper jaw in your mouth, while bite plates are applied to the molars in your lower teeth. Because of the strategic placement of the device on a nerve in your incisive foramen (located on the roof of your mouth), your body will naturally respond and begin the process of building bone again. 
The AGGA itself is a small, lightweight, mostly wire, appliance that is attached to your mouth, gently but securely situated on your upper palate. There’s an acrylic oval sitting behind your front teeth that is responsible to help guide your mouth as it grows your maxilla forward and creating the much needed space and development.
This treatment uses your body’s natural physiological workings for incredible, yet gradual, growth. And because it is based on your body’s signals, the growth is balanced in forward (and most important) and sideways expansions.


Maybe you’ve been told you need jaw surgery in the past, and you’re not excited about the invasive, painful procedure. Or perhaps you have respiratory problems that may stem from a blocked airway.
Not everyone who could benefit from AGGA looks the same. Candidates for this treatment may have some or all of these symptoms:
  • Trouble breathing through their nose properly
  • Sleep apnea or severe snoring
  • Painful TMD/TMJ symptoms
  • Narrow jaw or other need for jaw expansion surgery
  • Blocked airway
  • An asymmetrical or undeveloped facial structure
If this sounds like you or your child, AGGA, or FAGGA (Fixed Anterior Growth Guidance Appliance) could be beneficial.


If you think you might be a candidate for this orthodontic treatment, you can schedule an appointment with Dr. Suh and his staff. They will use digital x-rays and other images to create a model of your jaw to look for any deficiencies.
Once you are approved for the treatment, the process can begin. Like any natural, non-surgical oral treatment, it doesn’t happen overnight. 
There are two main phases: the Growth Phase and the Controlled Braces phase.
In Phase 1, or the Growth Phase, the appliance is placed on the nerve that stimulates growth. It is cemented to the upper teeth to ensure secure placement, and then bite plates to help you move your mouth are attached to your lower molars.
During this phase, which typically lasts around one year, you will be seen for regular visits to adjust the acrylic since your palate will be growing.
Phase 2 begins with the removal of the AGGA. Instead, braces are now placed on your teeth, as well as metal archwires. These arches are placed along the backs of your teeth to control the expansion. 
Since you now have a purposely-created gap in your teeth, the braces and archwires are necessary to pull your back teeth forward to fill in those gaps. Alternatively, you can opt for implants in the new gaps. But the braces are adjusted regularly to ensure that your upper and lower teeth remain aligned and properly occluded.
This phase can take up to one year to complete.
Phase 1 of AGGA focuses on forward growth, but the use of the controlled arches in Phase 2 provides the necessary stimulus to balance that forward growth with sideways growth as well. Both phases are necessary to complete the full effect of your new, expanded jaw.


When your jaw is not formed properly, or abnormal facial growth exists, you may experience a lot of pain and mental anguish. Breathing problems can develop and worsen over time.
With today’s innovative technology, this type of pain and suffering is no longer necessary. Schedule your appointment today to see how Dr. Suh and staff can help you adjust your jaw, regrow your bones, and reshape your face naturally.

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